Well, this year has kicked off with three very interesting shoots on my first week back!

This post is to highlight a few shots of the beautiful Indian Gurdwara in Gravesend which I was commissioned to photograph.

Gravesend-Gurdwara-016I was initially given the complete tour by the architect, Teja Biring of Calfordseaden. One snippet of information I learned was that all of the stone was sourced and the blocks for the structure were made and shipped from India.

Gravesend-Gurdwara-030The exterior has a variety of mosaic flooring and wall murals behind the pillared frontage, all of which add to the colour and make the building so inviting.

Gravesend-Gurdwara-032Made up of three floors with three prayer halls, a restaurant and various galleries, the inside is as impressive as the exterior.

Gravesend-Gurdwara-103Gravesend-Gurdwara-098 Gravesend-Gurdwara-108
Gravesend-Gurdwara-088 Gravesend-Gurdwara-076 Gravesend-Gurdwara-089
As a point of interest the building is open to the public, so anyone can visit and I would certainly recommend dropping in there if you’re ever in the vicinity.