Photographing glass and reflective surfaces are the most difficult of subjects to do. So when I was asked by my good client Inkerman to produce a shot of a tumbler showing off the London scene etching against the ice cubes and whisky in the glass, I was on a mission!

I always love a challenge and this really was one to get the combination of lighting and maximum awareness of the etching shape by producing an appetising image. This was no normal lighting set up in the studio, it needed a little bit of handiwork! So following on below is a series of shots and materials used, along with the final shot.


Take one kitchen cupboard door, this case with a beech effect, one sheet of white hardboard, a length of wood and a pack of acrylic ice cubes….
Cut the strip of wood into lengths, making a frame to hold the hardboard.
Drill and screw the strips of wood making a curve of the hardboard.
Affix the curved section to the cupboard door.
Place into position and use two sheets of black card (or any other colour) as the background to the shot.
Finally, drill a hole the required size into the door. This is then backlit from beneath and the glass placed on top to photograph.
Place the glass over the hole and then set up any extra lighting to highlight the edges of the tumbler.
The final result.