I have just returned from a shoot that is absolutely fascinating and emotional too. ‘Titanic In Photographs’ currently on display at Royal Victoria Place until August 21st is an exhibition not to be missed.

Split into four distinctive areas across two floors, it takes you on a journey of the splendour and opulence of RMS Titanic, from the initial build of the vessel to the devastating day that so many lives were lost.

RVP Titanic ExhibitionAs the most famous ship ever built, the Titanic continues to be one of the most popular culture topics in the world and touring exhibitions continue to attract millions of visitors every year. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by world-renowned maritime historians, Daniel Klistoner & Steve Hall, this gallery-style exhibition takes the visitor on a journey back in time, through the eyes of those who were there, including Harland & Wolff’s professional photographer, Robert Welch, period press photographers & passengers on board Titanic and the rescue ship, Carpathia.

Titanic Show CaseAlongside many of the images are display cabinets, containing over 130 genuine artefacts from Titanic and her identical twin sister ship, Olympic. These rare and often unique items bring the photographs to life, transporting the visitor back in time and placing them in the picture.

Titanic Mosaic TilesAlthough the emphasis of the exhibition is based around the beauty, opulence & splendour of this truly magnificent ship, the tragedy itself is comprehensively covered with a poignant display, containing lifeboat plaques, unique original period photographs taken on board the rescue ship ‘Carpathia’, a passenger list, memorial postcards and even a gold pocket watch, dropped by a 1st class passenger as he rushed to secure a place in one of the last lifeboats to leave the sinking ship, only to be picked up by one of Titanic’s crew members.

Titanic Pocket WatchAs Titanic slowly slipped beneath the waves, bandleader, Wallace Hartley & his fellow musicians carried on playing until the final moments. View the actual sheet music he carried with him that night, tragically recovered (along with his violin) some 10 days later.

Titanic Sheet MusicAs you leave the exhibition, a Memorial Wall lists the crew & passengers of Titanic, driving home the cold truth of just how many survived & perished on that fateful night of 15th April 1912.

Titanic Memorial Wall