Now many of you who live in Tunbridge Wells or travel into the town, have seen the signs on the outskirts welcoming you in, but I’m sure you have also noticed the mention of our twin town, Wiesbaden, that is also included on the signpost. Well, last week Sarah and I representing  The Tunbridge Wells Project, along with Cath of Discover Tunbridge Wells, plus Chris and Betty representing their Anke blog and The Tunbridge Wells Project, made our way over to our twin town on official business.

Wiesbaden if you do not know where it lies, is just south-west of Frankfurt, on the Rhine river, in the state of Hesse. It is in fact the capital of the State and as such is a thriving business centre, with all the amenities that go with this – from the State run Casino and Opera House to the high end shops and antique centres. The name Wiesbaden gives a clue to what the city was famous originally for – yes, “baden” means “bath” or “bathing” in German; and the city boasts 26 Springs.


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